Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sweet memories - Dinner at Hilton

I can't remember when , but i am so so so so happy at that day .
I have my dinner with my family and friends .
That day is funny and happy .

Why i said that day is funny ???

Can u guess it ???
Ha ha !!!
Actually ,is about my brother -Bryan .

Can u think what is happen ??

Let me tell u .
It so funny .
He fall into the pool , and his pair of shoe were very wet !

My family and friend were laughing at him !

What about happy ??

i can u guess also ???
Let me tell also . I am so happy because... Krystle and Marcus(my friends) Having a dinner with me.
We all are soooooo happy at that time .

The second happy-Two leng lui Auntie also having a dinner with me,
of course who are they ??

They are Krystle mom and my mom friend .
After that, I take a lot of pic also with Krystle also .