Friday, June 12, 2009

Big fish

Big Fish

Last Friday , my family and I went to Sabah for a holiday . We came back from Tuesday noon .
But, my father went to fishing at Tuesday to Trusday .Yesterday , my father send a message picture to my mother .
Do you know what is the picture ???
Haha !!!The picture is my father caught a big big big fish !!!
What do you think the big big big fish weight ???
It is is is 70kg plus !!!
Haha ! A big big fish !!
The up picture is my father capture with the big big big fish !!!
The big big big fish same height like my father !!!
I can call this fish papa already !
Ha ha !!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Brother Bren Lau ''a little girl''

Haha !! Is realy funny when I saw this picture everytime .....

This picture I capture in Thailand Hilton Hotel when he just wake up and call me ....

Ha ha !!! A baby will call me wake up !!!

Is this picture very very cute ???

I hope you all will like it ....

I love my brother forever!!!

My funny picture !!!

Those pictures are capture with my friend Krystle.
Ha Ha !!! Is that funny ???
Krystle : yaya ... is realy funny !!! haha ~~
Rachal : I think it too ... is very funny !!!


OH !!!!!
It tooo scary !!

DO u watched this movie before ????

Will that be a real story ?
I'm soo SCAR !!!
Hope that ...never be real .


Krystle made this blog for me...

Guess who are them???
It's me and Krystle....
Hope our friendship will last forever!!
Krystle: I love u so much, Rachel, as a friend... he he~~
Rachel: I love u too!!

Meet My youngest brother, Bren Lau !!!

This is my brother , i love him so mucheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
Everytime when i m sad, or watever, he will make me happy!!
When he want sth, he waill give me a big hug or kiss me.
He's a well-manners baby.
He will use his hand to say bye bye to me when i go out...
He also likes to watch alvin and the chipmunks, teletubis and alot lot lot of cartoons.
He's so cute la!!!

My Sabah Trip....

I just came back from SABAH yesterday.
Sabah is really very hot!!
I like Sabah because I can swim and dive around there.
I swam there everyday in the hotel's swimming pool!
It was so fun and nice.
One day, when i am swimming in the hotel. Suddenly, a big wind came to me and my brother,
our beach ball flew down to another side!!!